View Full Version : Slimserver now allowing MusicIP mixes for many tracks on new Xubuntu installation

2007-09-09, 18:30
Arg, I meant "NOT allowing MusicIP mixes" in the title. Onwards...

I recently set up a new machine with Xubuntu (migrating from a FreeBSD setup), and am running into a strange and very frustrating error: while the bulk of my library runs as it has in the past, for newer albums only the first track of the album is available for a MusicIP mix. When I look at MusicIP, I can see that the file has been analyzed and can make mixes in the MusicIP GUI, but not in Slimserver.

Does anyone have any advice? Should I file this as a bug? I am enjoying Xubuntu very much but this is like a dealbreaker (my family interacts with our Squeezebox almost exclusively via MusicIP mixes, especially of newly purchased and ripped disks).