View Full Version : Can I listen to the BBC outside the UK on SqueezeNetwork?

2007-09-09, 04:57
Simple question. How to get BBC URL from AlienBBC to be read on SqueezeNetwork?

Just got Slimserver up and running and I have installed AlienBBC to listen to the BBC from within Australia. All is going well.

Now I've added a bunch of BBC radio stations to my 'Favourites' list on Slimserver but this means that my computer must always be on. Is there anyway to add these stations to the SqueezeNetwork Favourites, so that I can listen without having to activate the computer?

I've tried copying the URL's from both the BBC site and from the AlienBBC but nether work. The BBC URL times out (BBC is UK only) and the AlienBBC URL isn't accepted when I type it in the SqueezeNetwork fav list.

2007-09-11, 03:23
As far as I know, then no - because the BBC uses (spit) RealAudio without mplayer to parse the stream and convert it into something the SB can understand, it can't play it

The other, most obvious solution is to buy a NAS box and run SlimServer from that :)