View Full Version : FIOS network problem: SB3 works, SB1 doesn't

2007-09-08, 11:46
I've been a happy Slim user (and forum lurker) for almost 3 years, but have recently encountered a problem that I don't recall seeing discussed directly.

My wired network consists of 2 SB3s and one SB1. Everything worked quite well until I made two changes to my setup. First, I replaced my desktop computer and the new machine came with Vista Basic. I went through the usual teething troubles, but got everything working again (now running Slimserver 6.5.4). Then, I accepted Verizon's offer to upgrade from DSL to Fiber-Optic (FIOS). This entailed replacing my Lynksys router with a Verizon-supplied Actiontec MI424=WR router w/ 4 ports, to which I added a 8-port Zonet hub.

Since then, I can use my SB3s but the SB1 will not find the server. It goes through the setup sequences, obtains a DCHP IP address, but I have to enter the server IP manually. It then gives me the "setup is complete" message, and goes black. When I push the right arrow, I get the error message: "Problem: Lost contact with the server. Check that the software is running." I've switched ports on the router and hub, swapped the SB3 and SB1s around, disabled the Vista firewall, but whatever I do, the SB3s work and the SB1 doesn't.

So...I registered, delurked, and hereby turn to the community for any help or suggestions you can provide.


2007-09-09, 04:05
I'm using an older Linksys 802.11b wireless router and for some reason after setup is complete on the Squeezebox it is necessary to power cycle the router in order for the SB1 to see SlimServer.

2007-09-09, 09:05
Thanks, EFP, but unfortunately it doesn't work in my case. Rebooted the whole system, desktop, hub, router, but still no joy on the SB1.


2007-09-09, 10:30
Something did, anyway. I went to the Vista Network and Sharing center to check on the IP address I was using (which had been wrong, of course, but that's only part of the story).

While in Vista, all I did was right-click the properties tab and create a network map.

But then when I went to the SB1 to try with the correct IP address...the setup routine found the server automatically and connected up.

So...problem resolved, over and out.


Ben Diss
2007-11-14, 13:06
Would you minding tell me if you're using WEP or WPA? I can't get WPA to work with the Actiontec router and my SB3.