View Full Version : Scanner Crashes (6.5.4) and no thumbnails

2007-09-07, 09:32
I am quite suddenly having trouble with scanner crashes.

I presume the crash is probably what is giving rise to losing all my thumbnails disappearing.

I am using iTunes 7.2 to organize my music. I have McAfee Anti-Virus and recently upgraded to 6.5.4.

For months everything has run smoothly. But now, after upgradeing iTunes and SS, the combination is failing.

I have attached the last few lines of the output of a logged scan. Basically, I am getting a problem with a crash at what I believe is the cover art portion of the scan. There is a file that it cannot create and/or update.

"2007-09-06 23:50:03.0869 ERROR: Error executing 'SELECT me.id, me.url, me.conten
t_type, me.title, me.titlesort, me.titlesearch, me.album, me.tracknum, me.timest
amp, me.filesize, me.disc, me.thumb, me.remote, me.audio, me.audio_size, me.audi
o_offset, me.year, me.secs, me.cover, me.vbr_scale, me.bitrate, me.samplerate, m
e.samplesize, me.channels, me.block_alignment, me.endian, me.bpm, me.tagversion,
me.drm, me.musicmagic_mixable, me.musicbrainz_id, me.playcount, me.lastplayed,
me.lossless, me.lyrics, me.rating, me.replay_gain, me.replay_peak, contributorTr
acks.role, contributorTracks.contributor, contributorTracks.track FROM tracks me
LEFT JOIN contributor_track contributorTracks ON ( contributorTracks.track = me
.id ) WHERE ( ( ( contributorTracks.role = ? ) AND ( me.album = ? ) ) ) ORDER BY
contributorTracks.track': DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Can't create/write to
file 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\#sql_a430_0.MYD' (Errcode: 13) at C:\program files\slimser
ver\server\CPAN/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm line 771."

I am able to successfully scan if I turn off the Anti-Virus but clearly I don't want to have to turn off my Anti-virus every time I add an album! I just want it to run overnight, scheduled, no fuss!

What can be done to prevent crashes when AV is running?

Any help would be deeply appreciated!

2007-09-07, 09:44
Can you convince your AV software to not mess with .MYD files?

Most AV packages allow for "excluded file types"

2007-09-09, 05:58
add an exception to Mcafee for scanner.exe and slim.exe (both in the slimserver directory). Depending on your version of Mcafee, you should be able to do one or the other.