View Full Version : SB2 pic

2007-09-06, 12:22
I am buying a SB2 and want to verfy it's an sb2. I posted this thread over in the Beginners forum.

The back label of the unit has - Model: Squeezebox

Can someone with the SB2 post a pic of the back label? Or can confirm that the exact model number is always printed on label. ie..Sb1 or Sb2 or Sb3. Not the generic SB.

2007-09-06, 12:31
It's not a SB2. Squeezebox2 will say "Squeezebox2" on the label.

SB1 just says "Squeezebox".

Many people are understandably confused about what they've got, since sb1 and sb2 look similar, and sb1 was actually our second product (after slimp3). And there were two models of sb1, one with a text display and one with graphics.

2007-09-06, 12:44
thanks for the quick reply.

The seller saids it's a SB2 but from the pic he sent me it is the SB1. Like you said the SB1 just says "Squeezebox" on the label.

Almost got scam...or maybe an honest mistake from the seller.