View Full Version : Single artists in artist list when album artist set

2007-09-04, 01:44
I have several albums (encoded to flac) with the following pattern:

Track: Artist:
Track01 Artist A
Track02 Artist A
Track03 Artist A & Artist B
Track04 Artist A
Track05 Artist A

To make this album show up as an album for "Artist A", I have set "ALBUMARTIST" to "Artist A", and set "COMPILATION"=0, which works well.

However, I also have set the "Group compilation albums together" to avoid artists with only one or a few songs to clutter the artist list. But with the above scheme, "Artist A & Artist B" shows up in the artist list!

Is this a known bug? And is there a possible work around?


2007-09-06, 04:04
I have submitted this as Bug #5405.