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2007-09-02, 23:20
Ahhhhh…. help…. I have recently moved to the Mac world and have spent a frustrating weekend trying to connect up my Squeezebox system to a Mac network with an Airport Extreme base station.

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I have read everything I could find….

My configuration is as follows: DSL modem (Zyxel 660), base station/router (Apple Airport Extreme, new one), music storage (WD My Book 500MB) connected via USB to base station/router, SlimServer running on Apple MacBook Pro.

During setup, wireless connectivity appears fine and I have been able to connect the Squeezebox to Squeeze Network. However, I cannot get the Squeezebox to connect to SlimServer. SlimServer itself tells me that its IP address is When I enter this during setup, there is no connection....

Any ideas? Would be grateful for any help....

2007-09-03, 00:17
Do you have the Mac firewall on? Not as necessary on a Mac as on a Windows machine, but still probably a good idea.

If you do have a firewall, have you opened the ports for the SlimServer?

2007-09-03, 02:06
This is just a quickie. Normally the Airport Extreme has a its default DHCP server set to issue IPs in the range 10.0.1.x, and not the more usual 192.168... There is an option to change this behaviour in one of the menus. Another unusual thing it does is to issue, on the default setting, IPs from 200 downwards as new MAC addresses are detected. This status quo caught me out when I changed my router to the Apple from a Belkin PreN and had to change settings on a few network devices to get things working again.

Can't understand why your SlimServer install is detecting a 192.168 address unless you've altered it as mentioned above, or it's an old IP from the last router kept in the Mac's cache.

Eric Seaberg
2007-09-03, 09:02
The Airport extreme doesn't have firewall settings, although there ARE settings on your Mac server. Also you enetered your server address as 192.162.xxx, did you mean 192.168.xxx?

The other thing that's odd, and I haven't looked into myself, but HD sharing on the USB port of the Extreme could be causing it, although you're not seeing the server regardless.

I had just typed a bunch of other questions about the Extreme, but you ARE connecting to SqueezeNetwork you said, so you're seeing the Airport. The IP address does sound funny for your server.

How do you have the CONNECTION SHARING setup on the Airport? Try changing it to DISTRIBUTE A RANGE OF IP ADDRESSES and enter the range you want to use, i.e. to (or whatever comes up for the Airport).


2007-09-03, 09:38
Thanks very for the messages/ideas/questions guys. Some more info:

- I have de-activated the Mac firewall
- Sorry, I did mean as SlimServer address which I see at the bottom of one of the SlimServer pages
- The Zyxel DSL modem has DHCP (distributes 32 addresses from upwards)
(the MacBook itself seems to have – should this be the same as SlimServer?)
- I have the airport set on ‘bridging’, also DHCP (because it is on ‘bridging’, the selection pane for various IP ranges is not available, e.g. 192.168.1.x, 10.0.0.x, etc)
- Regarding the USB drive, the SlimServer on its own does see this (still problems getting covers to load – separate problem but any thoughts here?)
- Yes, SqueezeNetwork works fine…..
- In the SqueezeBox setup routine, an automatic IP address is assigned OK (, but then it requests info on where to find SlimServer – I enter - and this is where the process breaks down…

I must admit there is not much method behind my network configuration. This was simply the first combination of settings that finally got me a green light on the airport and an internet connection…

Any more thoughts?

Eric Seaberg
2007-09-03, 13:12
I didn't realize your Zyxel was doing DHCP routing. Bridge mode is the appropriate way to handle this, and it's obviously working since the SB3 is getting OUTSIDE to SqueezeNetwork.

Your SlimServer IP should be the same as your Mac IP address, i.e. Have you tried setting your Mac with a static IP, just by keeping it but NOT DHCP... enter the address yourself so it won't change!

2007-09-04, 00:39
Finally seems to be working… Not sure how but who cares… I basically switched everything on and off a few times to reset everything and hey presto… SlimServer is now, same as my MacBook… seems more logical !

Thanks for all your comments.