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Don Hanson
2007-09-02, 16:31
I listen to my music collection on my Slim Devices and my Dell DJ. I've been
using MusicMatch to manage my music as it was originally supplied with my
Dell. Since it has been replaced by Yahoo Jukebox, I'm looking at other
alternatives. Ideally I'd like something that works will with Slim Devices
and my Dell and also allows me to rank my music. Any suggestions?

Don Hanson

2007-09-04, 12:59
Winamp and Media Monkey both coexist and work well with Slim Server. Just point them to the server location for your song library and let them catalog it.

-- Martin

2007-09-05, 08:51
If you want to be able to rate your music from the SlimDevices remote, you might consider iTunes. There is a plugin available that will allow you to rate tracks from the remote. These ratings are then stored in the iTunes database. SlimServer can also integrate with iTunes out-of-the-box (i.e. no extra plugins needed).

2007-09-06, 03:23
MediaMonkey is a great music player/manager, it allows you to rate songs.

Alternatively, Trackstat plugin able to provide the same feature, work well with Custom Browse, Custom Scan.

I bet you will like them.