View Full Version : MLB Gameday and SB

2007-09-01, 21:04
Hi, all. Am happy to report that I got SB to work with MLB Gameday. Using the Tune In URL function, I entered the correct URL with my authentication information and everything worked splendidly. I have the AlienBBC plug in installed, but I don't know if that actually did anything or not.

To get the correct URL, log in to MLB Gameday and select the game you'd like to listen to. When the audio player is displayed, right click within the large MLB.com window and select View Page Info (Firefox). Go to the Media tab and copy the URL that begins with "http://web.servicebureau.net...." which is the actual URL of your stream. Paste that into your SlimServer and press PLAY. Within a couple of seconds/minutes your game will be streaming.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of the season!

2008-04-12, 13:42
Does anyone know how to find the URL with Silverlight installed?

Uninstalling Silverlight is always an option, but I like it for when I want to watch the games. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!