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Jon Schalliol
2004-01-14, 16:06
Was that page with more info on the geek connector ever put up? If
so, would someone shoot me out a link please?

Initially I just want to deliver IR directly to the connector from a
single Xantech receiver. I would guess once we get some connections,
I think people will "open the flood gates" to various connections.
Thanks! - Jon

>Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:15:58 -0800
>From: Sean Adams <sadams (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>
>To: SLIMP3 Discussion <discuss (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com>
>Subject: [slim] the first squeezebox review...
>I'll put up a web page with some more details about the hardware
>(including geek connector) soon.