View Full Version : Strange Songs in SB Library

2007-08-31, 14:23

I have noticed there are some tracks in my SB library that shouldn't be there.

I think when I scan for music tracks it also adds the CUE file and maybe the LOG file of Exact Audio Copy.

Is it true that it adds the CUE file that can explain why some tracks are added twice, because they are in the CUE and in the root of the music folder.

Anyway is there a way to NOT add the CUE/LOG files?

In the first screenshot you can see there is an exclamation point behind the album name


In the next screenshot you can see that the track ID3tag doesn't contain an exclamation point behind the album name


The Problem is now I get two folders;
-NOW That's What I Call Music! 5 (with track no. 18+19)
-Now That's What I Call Music Vol 5 (with all the tracks)

Is there anybody who understand this? Personally I think it has something to do with the CUE.