View Full Version : No more Dropout Boogie

2007-08-31, 14:13
Well it is hardly boogie time when your SB drops out - and mine used to frequently.

Even though the wireless router was just down the corridor, I could only get a signal strength of 35% - clearly not enough. In order to improve my SB's performance, I tried nearly every recommendation these forums had to offer, but alas to no real avail. There was only that last one to go - so before the new carpets went down upstairs - up came the floorboards and in went the cat wiring.

What a result - after a few weeks, I can report to this forum of obtaining truly drop out free music.

I still can't, however, just switch the SB on and fire up SS (or vice-a-versa) and expect them to just talk to one another - even if I force the SB to connect to the PC - nope - it just goes blank for the first few attempts. Never mind, after much faffing around they get there in the end. I guess the SB & SS relationship will forever remain a mystery to me.