View Full Version : Help for a beginner needed please: TS 109 to play iTunes Library

J Leadley
2007-08-31, 09:14
Hi there

Can someone please help me.

I want to store and play all of my mp3 music from an NAS, streamed to a Squeezebox 3, without having to turn on the PC

To do this I have: a new TS 109 with iTunes Server and SlimServer installed on it.

Currently, iTunes is installed on my tower PC. The music is stored on the HDD (D:\). And the iTunes library and playlist is stored at C:\Docs and Settings ----------.

So I need to move the music from my PC to the NAS (Qmultimedia i believe?). And somehow I need to get the SlimServer on the NAS to recognise the iTunes library and playlist, as well as associate that with the music location on the NAS and Bob's ya uncle - right -?

I have tried everything and have resorted to starting again.

Can anyone walk me through the steps please?!?

Thank you, so very much

(desperate and exhausted from trying !)