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2007-08-31, 02:48
Since a month I'm an enthusiastic user of the Synology DS107+128 and Squeezebox combination.
After updating with ssods-2.18-armv5tejl.pat I got the right error 42. Then pushing the "back" label I got back into the Synology firmware-update screen.
I'm not jumping into a screen with Install_check (08-ssods_slimserver_tarball_installation_step1).
So the sequence of screens is not like Flipflip's screen shots.

Is there anyone who can give me a hint how to enter the Install-screen in SSoDS?

Thanks for reaction,

2007-11-14, 18:58
I'm having the same problem - in my case, version 2.19 on a CS-406 seems to install fine, but I don't get the screen with the install_check button, just the normal intro screen on the SSODS tab of the networking part of the web interface. I'm therefore stuck at 6.5.1 of SS. Did you find a solution?

2007-11-15, 03:18
Please read the documentation.

The installation procedure hasn't changed for a couple of versions. So it still is exactly the same as before.

If you upgrade SSODS, you don't need to re-install Slimserver (see the documentation).

If you want to upgrade Slimserver, you'll have to uninstall Slimserver (and NOT SSODS) before. This should be described in the documentation and/or the web interface somewhere.

And for new installations, follow the instructions in the documentation (not the screenshots). See README.txt, line 163:

3. Open the SSODS panel (under "Networking") in the admin interface.

(see the 4th screenshot)

The "Install_check" button is step 4. You left out step 3.


2007-11-15, 04:10
Thank you for the reply. Yes, I am trying to update slimserver on an installation that is already working (6.5.1).

I have read the documentation many times before and the distinction you make was not clear to me. I will now search the documentation to see where it describes uninstalling slimserver without uninstalling SSODS as you recommend. When I find what I think you are referring to, I will report back to the thread.

Perhaps if the documentation included a subsection on upgrading slimserver only, or some other advice in this direction, it would be clearer. It has a tendency to be centred around the first installation rather than updates. Because the interface is so familiar to you it is perhaps difficult for you to imagine the experience of people who are new to this, or who do not manipulate SSODS/slimserver regularly because it usually works so beautifully. Plus of course there is a psychological reluctance to uninstall something that is at least working, because one is worried that one might not be able to get the update working.

2007-11-15, 04:33
In the documentation I am unable to find how to "uninstall Slimserver (and NOT SSODS)...This should be described in the documentation and/or the web interface somewhere". I am not at home so I cannot look at the SSODS web interface itself just now.

Hmm: If I understand you correctly, I first have to uninstall slimserver. But then do what? Should I run The SSODS patch again so that I finally come to the correct screen with the button to install the slimserver tar file?

2007-11-15, 05:04
No, as soon as you uninstalled Slimserver, you'll be automatically prompted to install Slimserver again. The button is called "Uninstall" or "Upgrade" (in the "Tools" menu). SSODS 3 has an "Upgrade" button where you can install a new Slimserver over the old one. The result is basically the same.

2007-11-15, 09:33
Excellent! That tip to uninstall and look at the Tools web interface was the push I needed. Everything goes very quickly and smoothly if a) one has the tar file ready in the public directory to browse to, and b) one uses the copy of the prefs file that the upgrade process helpfully saves.

I looked on the Tools page and, as you say, the web interface documents that the "normal" action one should take when upgrading is to uninstall slimserver so as to trigger the possibility to install a version (newer) of one's choice. This information is present in the running text on the interface, part way down the page:

"Uninstalling the SlimServer tar ball will trigger the tar ball installation routine".

I can only report that it was over-subtle in its implications and placement :) I'm happy to be completely up to date, and I'd like to recommend a paragraph somewhere in the readme about this.