View Full Version : Heavy stuttering in softsqueeze via SSH

2007-08-30, 09:45
For some reason I am getting heavy stuttering in softsqueeze via SSH; even though I have more than enough bandwidth to play streamed audio ~600Kbps usable bandwidth (upstream via internet). I even tried limiting audio bandwidth in the Slimserver encoder; but it didnt make any difference.

I dont have any issues playback back audio locally on the same machine. What's the problem?

The stuttering starts immediately when the audio starts to stream and stays pretty consistent.

2007-09-07, 06:31
I was about to say I had the same problem, but upon restarting SoftSqueeze for the 10th time, the problem disappeared... wait, it's coming back... and 20 secs later it stutters again.

Using Putty, and I set on SoftSqueeze "Audio buffer size" to 328000. Maybe it's because I didn't install the recommended "Java MP3 plugin" (which refuses to install for some reason).

2007-09-07, 08:07
OK, after a reboot, I could install the Java MP3 plugin. Not really better, but the problem seems transient - I suspect some bandwith bottleneck between the client and the server. Investigating.

2007-09-08, 02:17
I've heard an sb3 make the stuttering sound when the pc is multi tasking....connected to a bt hub that supplied the wireless connection...I felt it was the hub that was problem rather than the pc as rthe pc only showed 20% of the resources in use.

So I don't know if that helps or not !