View Full Version : Information Browser for Jive

2007-08-30, 06:45
I thought I'd post this here for jive beta testers and others to see what will be possible with 3rd party addons to jive.

Information Browser is a Slimserver 7.0 plugin which also has a jive applet to display on the jive platform. This allows you to browse information sources from your remote control - so you can browse the latest posts on this forum whilst listening to music, or read the latest news. Some example screenshots below.

The architecture is extensible to allow new information sources to be added by adding extra "Addons" to the slimserver plugin. Hopefully other 3rd party developers will help out here by adding their own Addons to the wiki.

More details and the latest version of the plugin and jive applet (just updated) are available on the wiki page: