View Full Version : Multiple Streams To One Remote Streaming Location?

Thomas B. Malsbury
2004-01-14, 11:26
I was interested if it would be possible to send out multiple stream to one remote streaming location. The reason I ask is that a I would like to give access to my SlimServer to a co-worker, but we access the internet through a router, so to the outside world and the SlimServer we would both have the same IP address. I was thinking that one way around this would be to have the Server look at both the IP address and the port that the stream was requested on to differentiate the players.

I could access one stream on http://slimserver:9000/stream.mp3 with its own unique playlist and she could access a different play list and stream on http://slimserver:9001/stream.mp3

I don't know if this is a tall request, but I just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone wanted to take up the challenge. I think this would be a great feature to add to an already great product.


PS: Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on how to encode my collection. I am using EAC and encoding to FLAC, so I never have to do this again. Just need to add another 200GB or so of storage to my system now ;)