View Full Version : Gaydar Radio not working

2007-08-28, 01:39
any idea why some radios such as gaydar, are listed on RadioTime but not streamable. If I launch the website http://www.gaydarradio.com/scripts/listen/listen_main.asp?sec=lis#
it is actually possible to listen to this radio through various players. But none of the URL works when pasted on SqueezeNetwork. Is there some kind of dynamic coding that is used here? thx.

2007-08-30, 15:40
No taker? nobody knows????

2007-08-30, 16:20
http://www.gaydarradio.com/listenlive/high.m3u or http://www.gaydarradio.com/listenlive/low.m3u work for me via Slimserver, but for SN you will need to use:


This stream is the one used by the Gaydar player - it will probably reset everynow and then as it seems to try and update the session ID, but I've played this for about 15 mins now without interruption.