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2007-08-26, 23:29
I got my first Squeezebox within the last couple months and, other than one or two issues at start up, this is the first problem I've had with Slimserver or the Squeezebox. My Slimserver is running on Linux, Debian Sarge, but this is likely not at all a Linux issue, so I'm asking it here. I'm using the next to latest Slimserver version and don't want to upgrade yet, since I have to upgrade the rest of the system first.

I found a very large collection of old time radio shows, which I love. I had not anticipated this and wanted to make a few alterations to my directory layout so I could include all the radio shows but still keep them in separate directories from my music. Previously I just had this setup:

music: /data/Audio/flac
playlists: /data/Audio/playlists

Slimserver music directory: /data/Audio/flac
Slimserver playlist directory: /data/Audio/playlists

Then I moved to this setup:

music: /data/Audio/Music
radio plays: /data/Audio/RadioPlays
playlists: /data/Audio/playlists

Slimserver music directory: /data/Audio
Slimserver playlist directory: /data/Audio/playlists

I ran into problems with this because playlists did show up, but they were all empty. Every playlist in the directory was visible in Slimserver, but they were empty. These are M3U playlists I've created by other programs and I never had a problem with them until now. When Slimserver was not reading the playlist contents, I thought there might be an issue with them being within the audio directory, so I moved it to:

playlists: /data/AudioPlaylists

Slimserver playlist directory: /data/AudioPlaylists

Everything else has been kept the same. I've rescanned the playlists many times and rescanned the entire collection once, but it's made no difference. The playlists are seen and listed as playlists, but Slimserver sees them as empty.

Why isn't Slimserver reading the contents of my playlists?

Thanks for any help on this!

2007-08-27, 01:13
At the risk of asking the obvious, you have updated the contents of the playlists so that they point at the new audio file locations?

for example a track that used to be at /data/Audio/flac/artist/album/track (or whatever you have at the lower levels) will now be at /data/Audio/Music/artist/album/track

I don't use them myself, but I'm fairly sure I read of some scripts that would help you make such changes somewhere...


2007-08-27, 01:26

Isn't it always the most obvious thing we miss?

The same playlists were working just fine in Amarok, so I never thought of that as an issue, but I guess Amarok uses relative locations. Thanks. I'm updating them now.

2007-09-03, 12:29
I am using iTunes / 6.5.4 / XP Media Center. Library is on a NAS and xml file is on C: I have checked that the settings for the library and xml are correct.

Server shows my playlists, but they are all empty.

I have searched the forum for all articles related to empty playlists and have tried them all (except the Linux stuff) -- including clearing library and rescanning with iTunes off and on.

The one thing I have not tried is rolling back to 6.3. There are several reports that 6.3 does not have this problem.

How do I roll back to 6.3?

2007-09-03, 12:43

I would ask about rolling back as a separate topic, since you'll get more responses that way.

As for the playlists being empty, I'd suggest double checking and being sure the paths to the files are correct within the playlists, since that's what I found was my problem and it's possible while reinstalling you changed some locations.