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2007-08-26, 08:44
I am a (normaly) happy owner of a Squeezwebox, but in the pat minth i have more and more problems with the connection to the wireless network. It started with problems when i switched from squeezenetwork to slimserver and back again - the it happened tat the connection to my wireless network was lost, and it could take me hours to reestablish the connection. As the problems was getting worse i assumed that i had a wireless network problem so i boughr a new wireless router (Linksys WRT54).
After a short period of time the problems started over again, and i found out that a reset of the squeezebox to factory settings would enable me to connect to the wireless network.
As it is now it often happens that the sound suddently are gone and the display on the squeezebox are blank, and it is getting more and more difficult yo connect to wireess network. Right now i have tried more than 2 hours without succes.
The message on the display sais : Problem : Cannot find specified wireless network.
I have upgraded the firmware in my router the the newest
version, and i have no problem connecting my laptop standing the same place.
Does anyone have an idea what my problems are.

Ole Rossen

Mark Lanctot
2007-08-27, 05:54
Sounds like a new wireless network has moved into your neighbourhood. See http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?NetworkProblemsSecondGuide

2007-08-27, 08:59
I am not sure that this is the problem. I have tried to change the security in the router from WPA Personal to none, and now everything is OK. But i am not happy having an unprotected wireless network running as i have private data on my pc's.

Ole Rossen

2007-08-27, 09:17
Security should have no effect... you likely have someone interfering with you on the same channel.

Get netstumbler, run it on a laptop, and change your channel to one that your neighbors aren't using. I just did that this weekend at home and almost everyone was using channel 6.


2007-08-28, 03:42
Ihave used the Netstumbler who give me the folowing data :
CH 9
Speed 54 Mbps
Encryption WEP - Even i am using WPA
Snr 60
Signal+ -34
Noise -100
Snr+ 66

I have tried to switch the channel and movw the router to get the best data, and the squeezebox connect imidiatly when i have no security and when i use WPA2 personal (which my laptop cannot connect to).
When i switch to WPA personal (witch i prefer) and after a switch to factory settings. I enter network settings and when i am prompet for the network name it takes many minutes before i can scroll to my network ( it only shows 2 other networks from the neighberhood ). It seems like the squeezebox last lost the possiblity to communicate properly with the WPA personal setup. I can after - it at last have found my network try to connect many many times and suddently i am lucky and it connects. But it looks like any communication with the WPA personal is extremly slowly and unstabil, and i expect many problems in the future.
Ole Rossen