View Full Version : iTunes on Windows, SlimServer on Linux, iTunes library on Linux

2007-08-25, 16:18

All my music is stored on a homebrew NAS box running Debian etch. SlimServer also lives there, because this machine is powered on 24/7. However, I manage my music with iTunes and would like to use my iTunes playlists in SlimServer.

I put my iTunes library data files on the Linux machine and told iTunes to access them there, and that is working fine. iTunes also has been told not to organize my music for me, so it leaves the actual MP3 files alone (I do not have any M4U or M4A files).

I told SlimServer where my iTunes Library.xml file is, and it imports the playlists themselves okay, but all the playlists are empty. This is the case whether or not I tell it the iTunes music library directory (where the files are stored) is blank, or is /shares/media/music (which is, I believe, correct).

Any ideas? I'd really like to use my smart playlists in SlimServer. I suspect maybe the problem is that iTunes is using the Windows paths (X:\music\blah) rather than the Linux paths, but it's only a hunch.

2007-08-27, 11:00
SlimServer will figure out, based on the path to the xml file and the path to the files themselves, where the files are in relation to it's own drive mapping.

I remember having to use some trial and error to get it right when I was running SlimServer on Solaris and using iTunes on XP (all iTunes stuff stayed on the XP box). You will probably want to run SlimServer with the -d_itunes flag to see what it's reporting.