View Full Version : Losing track & album structure in the database

2007-08-25, 13:12
After a recent rescan of my music collection I find that many tracks are missing from my listings and some albums are split into multiples of the original but with the tracks distributed(without repetition) among the same titled multiple versions.

I have reinstalled Slimserver, uninstalled, updated it etc etc with no solution to my problem. Most frustrating, almost to the point of wanting to take a hammer to it :D

Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks.

2007-08-26, 13:00
not sure how or where the database is created or in what form, but in a database of about 4000 albums and 40,000 tracks, an advanced search for a single word in albums returns no albums and takes a couple of minutes; the normal search misses several of the albums it ought to find

is there any way to view the database and manipulate it directly so that searches have more of what i am looking for?