View Full Version : Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ ... is there something I'm missing

2007-08-23, 13:32
I just purchased the Squeezebox 2-bundle with the Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ ... now I've loaded RAIDar onto my computer (a Lenovo Thinkpad T60 with Vista) and ... well ... nothing. It doesn't see the NAS.

I'm presuming this should be pretty straightforward, since no 'Getting Started' instructions came with the package. Is there something I'm missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2007-08-23, 13:45
Is there something I'm missing?

The short answer is yes, you're missing a decent NAS. Did you do your research? If you're still within your return period I'd suggest returning it and purchasing a Thecus N5200PRO.

If that is not an option...

Have you configured your ReadyNAS & NIC to use the same IP range?

The ReadyNAS defaults to IP If you've configured shares etc. you should be able to access them from windows using \\\sharename\ as the path so long as your NIC is using an IP in the same range.

2007-08-24, 15:58
So I'm curious ... Logitech bundled the Infrant NAS with their squeezeboxes, and I assumed that this was some sort of imprimature ... Why is the Thecus a better NAS?

Yes, I've done some research, but I'm not at all an expert on NAS's ... I was hoping a bundle would obviate the need for deep deep expertise ... is an open address area ... shouldn'e every device respond to this?

2007-08-25, 04:00
Why is the Thecus a better NAS?
The Thecus N5200 is much *much* faster. The original N5200 uses a 600MHz Celeron M processor ad cmes with 256MB of RAM. This in itself is faster than the Infrant which uses a "IT3107 Network Storage Processor". This is designed for RAID functions, not as a general purpose processor to rin SlimServer. As the N5200 is a Celeron M like you would find in low power laptops, it can run any software you throw at it quite well.

The N5200Pro uses a 1.5GHz processor and comes with 512MB of RAM, making it even more capable of running the database, server, transcoding of audio, streaming audio and management of the RAID array qute happily.

2007-08-25, 12:47
I just ordered a Thecus N5200PRO BR, the version with the four port switch. I have an Infrant ReadyNAS NV that I use just to back up my music which is stored in a 1.5TB Raid 0 Array on my main PC. The ReadyNAS is so slow just running the Web application to manage it that I wouldn't even want to try to run Slimserver on it. Once I get the Thecus I may try running Slimserver on it but since I leave my main PC on all of the time I will most likely continue to run the way that I am and just back up my music to the Thecus. Even that will be easier for me because the ReadyNAS doesn't support wake-on-lan which the Thecus does and since I only back up once in a while I leave my NAS off most of the time. Since my main PC is in my basement and the ReadyNAS is in my loft it makes it a bit of a hassle to turn on the NAS to backup (not really a major issue but an inconvenience). Anyway, I guess that I am agreeing with others that if you can return the Infrant and get a Thecus it would probably be a good thing to do.

2007-08-26, 06:46
Thanks everyone for the input. This certainly motivates me to make the switch. Let me see if I can talk to Slim Devices about a return

2007-08-26, 09:28
Buy a Thecus and join our happy group of SS users with a NAS tha does the job!!

2007-09-29, 06:46
OK ... I've finally gotten this sorted, and I actually like the setup for the Infrant NV+ a lot. I had a frustrating week trying to get my linksys wireless router to talk to other devices, and finally went to Best Buy and bought a NetGear wireless router.

The problems resolved themselves, RAIDar finds the NV+ without problem ... and the interface is very nice.

On the speed ... well ... I'm getting between 2 to 3 MB/sec which is a lot slower than the advertised 12MB/s for the NV+ and what this forum is telling me they get in practice from the Thecus servers. But I'm presuming that if I'm the only user (this is a dedicated media server for my house) that is a non-issue. It certainly is when using the Slimserver ... I've ordered a TVIX M-4000PA for video, and assumint I won't have a problem there

2007-09-29, 21:38
i got a readynas 1100+ for my radio station, and it seems slow just serving up mp2's at 256kbps! i really didn't anticipate it would be problematic, but it has been.

i'm not sure if its the network switch or what, but the problems are annoying.

it had SS builtin btw, but i don't use it or enable it.

before, we just had a tower and a raid card with HDs in the machine, and it was plenty fast enough for our needs. after reading toms hardware review of the infrant, i thought the NAS would be too, but something is either wrong, or its just not a good NAS.

also, if you don't have a dhcp server to connect it to, you have to manually set it up using the info stated earlier in the thread, not that infrant does anyone a service by saying so.