View Full Version : Prevent taking cover art from ID3v2

2007-08-23, 08:31

Can I prevent Slimserver taking cover art from ID3v2? I have only
thumbnails in my MP3s for my portable player, but also cover.jpg and
thumb.jpg in the album directories.

Since I added the cover art into the ID3v2 tags Slimserver doesn't show
any cover art at all. On the first page in "browse albums" it shows the
question mark thumb on a black background. On the other pages it shows
no icon at all, only a text link.
The albums that have no cover art at all show the normal question mark

I tried a full wipe and rescan with no luck. I also manually entered
cover.jpg and thumb.jpg into the configuration page - also no luck after
a full wipe and rescan.