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Oliver Cookson
2004-01-14, 02:36
>>Just listen to the radio :)

I want to listen to my MP3 collection not the radio. ;)

>>Do we need an API to add adverts

How could this be abused by adverts? You could only send to the API if
you had localhost permissions, and the least thing people should be
worrying about if a external person had localhost permissions is ads. :)

Just a thought, a simliar mechanisim is in place with


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Just listen to the radio :)
Do we need an API to add adverts, therefore allowing these units to be
sold at a lower price as other costs created from ad revenue ??



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getsbroadcasted over SqueezeBox

> Hi,
> One of the features of the a rival "mp3 streamer" caught my eye the
> other day. I was wondering if it was possible (or if anyone has done
> it...) to send the ID3 tag data to SqueezeBox.
> The way I envisaged this working would be:
> Get SLIMP3 Server to write the ID3 data to a text file which in turn
> instructs the "text to speech" API in windows to read the text file
> and broadcast the voice to SqueezeBox.
> I think it would be a beat feature to have the title\track announced,
> I know the "text to speech" application isn't perfect but it would be
> good enough.
> Any thoughts?
> Cheers Oliver