View Full Version : SSODS tab is gone after firmware upgrade and ssods 2.18

2007-08-23, 01:28
Yesterday I've upgraded my DS107+ with the Synology firmware Version: v2.0.3 - 0509; Date: 2007/08/21
After that I upgraded with Flipflip's ssods-2.18-armv5tejl.zip and got the correct error 42 as written in the readme pdf ( in the header is still written 2.17)
In the DS admin interface is no SSoDS panel under "networking", even when I use Firefox.
The ssods-fix.pat gives also the correct error 42, but no result.

Do I something wrong?
Thanks, Ben

2007-08-23, 15:10
There might be an error in ssods-2.18. I didn't test it. I'll do that on the weekend. You can probably fix it like hkfriends did (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=37468&highlight=tree.conf).


2007-08-24, 11:21
There was another change in the firmware. The updated ssods-2.18 (currently uploading) takes it into account. Reinstall ssods-2.18-xxx.pat (ssods-fix.pat alone won't do).


2007-08-28, 03:51
The SSODS-tab is back again.
Flipflip thanks

Can anybody tell me where I can find the "Install_check" to look after the tar ball SlimServer_v6.5.4.tar.gz, placed in the public subdir?

2007-08-29, 01:49

2007-08-29, 14:08
After the update with ssods-2.18-armv5tejl.pat with error 42 and then pushing the "back" label I get the update screen again. I'm not jumping to a screen with Install_check (08-ssods_slimserver_tarball_installation_step1).
So the sequence of screens is not like Flipflip's screenshots.

How can I enter that screen?