View Full Version : mp3 track transition problem on Linux - clicks between tracks

2007-08-22, 13:07
I've been using SlimServer on a Windows XP machine for 9 months now. Recently I moved to a Linux server for better performance. Last night I noticed some gaps in some songs. They are small (clicks actually), but they are noticable.

All of my mp3s are created with LAME specifically for the gapless feature.

If I play these files directly from my Linux server using foobar2000, there is no gap whatsoever. I never noticed these gaps on my Windows machine (if they were there, I would have noticed - I'm sensitive to the gap issue).

I'm running 6.5.3 with 81 FW. I've rescanned my library (clear and scan), reloaded the FW by holding down brightness, restarted the server, and disabled the iTunes update plugin (I have it configured to update locally). I verfied that the "audio startup" parameter for the player is set to 0.

Suggestions? This one has me stumped.

I reverted back to my Windows setup. 1st with it accessing the files from my Linux server and 2nd in the original configuration. The click is still there. Guess it's been a long time since I listened to Abbey Road. It doesn't appear to occur with all songs, which makes it more elusive.

I see that there was a gap issue fixed in FW 81. I wonder if in fixing this another issue was brought about. I'm going to revert back to 6.5.2 and see how it goes.

So the Linux part of the equation is a red herring. I'm going to revert to 6.5.2 and see what happens.


2007-08-24, 09:11
So I reverted all of the way back to 6.5.1 and the gap issue is still there. It is only with some tracks. Most will transition perfectly, but others will generate a slight click or dropout at the transition.

These same files (LAME mp3's) play with no transition issues with foobar2000 or my iPod. So I'm pretty certain that the files are OK.

The small gaps are almost imperceptible, but now that I know they are there, I hear them and find them annoying.

Is this a known issue? Does anybody else experience this? I'm currently running 6.5.4.


2007-08-25, 23:30
On the web interface under player settings/audio there are options for crossfade. Might be worth taking a look at.