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2004-01-14, 01:51
Mike and others ... I have looked back on Tim Wilson's post but it
doesn't seem to say anything more than 'use shoutcast and winamp' ;

Would someone more skilled than I please explain how one hooks together
these pieces to stream from an internet ram source.

Many, many thanks (I think anyone adequately documenting this would be a
hero to many of the slim community)


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Use shoutcast and winamp (works for NT and XP) See post on 1/12/2004 at
1:40PM from Tom Wilson. I'm using it right now at 192 kbps streaming
some live audio broadcasts from my dishnetwork feed to winamp and
windows media player machines.

Mike Beranek

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I've scanned the lists but not seen any clear solution to this.

I would very much like to be able to listen to streamed real audio
broadcasts, through my wonderful slimp3. There appears to be a solution
for a linux platform, but it is out of date with the latest server
software, and I have to use windows xp.

Any help would be appreciated.

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