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2004-01-13, 23:24
Even CD audio streamed over the 802.11b shouldn't saturate it. We are
talking about 5-10mbps after all.

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I have both a slimp3 and a Squeezebox and I can tell you that
the Squeezebox digital audio and AIFF support make it far
superior sound wise for connecting to a home theatre or a nice

While 320 kbps mp3 files with analog outs are nice, AIFF with
digital outs are better quality and a louder source. You can
really hear the difference. I would like to try connecting an
Adcom GDA-600 D to A Converter after the Squeezebox to see if
it can be even bettter.

With all of the new media players coming out with digital outs
Squeezebox needs to stay comparable. In addition, wireless
usage while nice for MP3 has its limitations. Its impossible to
get AIFF files to consistantly play wirelessly as such, the
HiFi crowd will only use Squeezebox wired or with an 802.11g
bridge. Making a unit that only supports wired connections
meets the audiophile side of the market at a better price

I think that a video out for text display to TV (duplicating
the Squeezebox lighted display output) would be nice so that
you could read it from the couch. This would probably only be
valuable to those using it in a home theatre instead of in a
bedroom or the kitchen where you may be closer.

The home theatre and mp3 player markets seem to have slightly
different needs and may justify two slightly different products.


> I was going to respond with a comment to the effect that I'd sooner buy
> a slim than a wired squeeze (mostly as the form factor fits some of the
> things I intend to do better...), but before offering that as an opinion
> thought I'd ask if there are reasons for or against either unit from the
> engineering or more general perspective? (e.g. is the slim now made of EOL
> components or some such, does slimdevices intend to stop making it, etc?)
> Just wondering...
> E.
> ...and if they do stop making the slim are they changing their name to
> squeezedevices.com? (Sounds like a porno-spammer.) Sorry, couldn't resist!