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2007-08-21, 11:04

I need help. I have a new computer, and it's not recognizing my player, and I can't get it to scan my external drive for the library....

I am on OSX, and miss my squeezebox!!!

Any help is appreciated.


2007-08-22, 00:36
Is all your music on the external drive? Perhaps you have forgotten how to set things.

If all the music is on the external drive, then in the Music Folder setting, I think you need

/Volumes/DriveName/FolderName. I am pretty sure it is /Volumes and not just Volumes, and I am certain that you can't begin with just the name of the drive.

If you have some music on the internal drive, and some on the external, then use the internal drive folder as the music folder, and in it put a symbolic link (NOT an alias) to the folder on the external drive.

As for the player not being recognised, you will have to tell us more. Wired or wireless? What is providing DHCP? If you are using wireless, does the SB connect to the network?