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2007-08-20, 23:59
this design is for a analogue IC cable that as far as cost are concerned is no holds bared. The performance is among the best I've heard at any cost .....

The design is a simple parallel pair ..

The signal conductor is 0.4mm dia Platinum in an over sized ptfe sleeve 0.9mm id. The return conductor is a 5mmx0.3mm 99.99% silver . Its important that the distance between the conductors is kept constant, so I use ptfe spial grip. This has the effect of keeping the cable capacitance even across the length of the cable. The whole is sleeved in 10mm od pvc or nylon tube. You can then add an energy sink into the tube, I've used kiln dried very fine sand, but if you can seal the tube a mineral oil may work and be visually more interesting, if you use a clear tube.The whole is then covered with a nylon braid mesh to give that professional look. this is secured to the tube by good quality heat shrink. This cable deserves the very best RCA connectors so I used eichmann bullets [silver].

The cost of the parts alone is close to 400 [$800] but you will be rewarded by a sound that is sublime. Once you've tried this you can never go back to copper !

2007-08-31, 07:43
The best oil to fill the tube with is snake oil...

2007-09-01, 08:00
you should have said you were a cable none believer ....your comments make perfect sense now...

I assume that you use the freebie cables to hook your gear up ?

I take it that you've not tried this cable then ?

oil or other inert substances help damp the cable and improve the sound.

as I only ever post from experience, and have built several of these I can tell you that even low resolution systems can benefit from good cables. If you don't agree ..say so, rather than place silly little comments, unless your a silly little person !