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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2004-01-13, 16:46
Try pocketMPV http://home.adelphia.net/~mdukette/downloads.html
<http://home.adelphia.net/~mdukette/downloads.html> , I downloaded it
specifically for DivX playback on the iPaq, but recently found it copes well
with MP3 streaming

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I have recently installed the slimserver on a machine on my home network,
and I have it all working fine. I am streaming audio to several devices,
and pc's without any problem. However I cannot get it to work on my iPaq.
Has anyone tried this/got it working? I cannot open the stream.mp3 file to
initially connect (then when I connect the web brower I get 'player not
found'). I have tried connecting using pocketmusic as the player, as well
as media player 9.


Any help is much appreciated