View Full Version : Bebop Nation on SHOUTcast not working

2007-08-20, 07:57
This station seems to now be all RAP. Not really but the redirect must be broken. Does this relate to upgrading to 6.5.4? It worked last week.

Anyone else?

2007-08-24, 04:05
Anyone? Other SHOUTcast problems with the new update?

2007-08-24, 05:38
So the station still plays but just not the content you expected? Sounds like it's not really our problem. :)

2007-08-26, 09:25
It works fine on the setup I have at home where I haven't updated Slim Server. It now won't read at all at work where I did update Slim Server.

Check it out for yourself. Under SHOUTcast/Jazz/Bebop Nation. Tell me if I am wrong.

2007-08-27, 05:46
Seems to be working now. I had to delete my bookmark and add it again from the SHOUTcast list.

Thanks to whomever fixed this.