View Full Version : Configuring SB3 display via Slimserver

2007-08-19, 20:55
Probably a question with an obvious answer, however, what is the easiest way to get my SB3's displaying on multiple lines. I'm after something along the lines of:
Artist Name - Album Name across the top; and
Track - Title on the 2nd line.

It annoys me when something is playing I can't put a finger on and the display doesn't show all the info without having to use the remote to intervene.

2007-08-19, 21:25
The MusicInfoSCR screensaver is probably the only way to get it on two lines.


Natively, you can that information on a single (scrolling) line by configuring:

Server Settings > Formatting > Title Format

and creating a format to display what you want if one doesn't already exist.

Then go to:

Player Settings > Basic Settings > Title Format

and select the desired format from the ones available, and make it 'Current'.

2007-08-19, 21:30
Thanks Jim, it is already set to scroll so I'll try Michael's MusicInfoSCR.