View Full Version : MUSICBRAINZ_SORTNAME - not supported but in code?

2007-08-19, 16:02
I asked about this as part of a thread in the tagging forum, but it might be better to ask here.....

Slimserver doesn't seem to support MUSICBRAINZ_SORTNAME (only ARTISTSORT as far as I can tell). If that is the case, I don't understand why it is referenced in FLAC.pm:

my %tagMapping = (
'URL' => 'URLTAG',
'musicbrainz_sortname' => 'ARTISTSORT',

It would be really useful (at least to me) if ss did support this tag, but I'm a bit confused why the code references a lowercase version of the tag. Can anyone explain what is happening there...?

I'm on the latest (6.5.4 Linux) version of SS, but I guess this situation hasn't changed for some time.

Should I raise a bug/development request for this?



2007-08-21, 16:03
I've raised a bug on this: