View Full Version : SB3 DOA? Just keep rebuffering and no music at all.

2007-08-18, 08:00
Just have my brand new SB3 & slimserver setup but seems the SB3 is dead on arrival.

I would like to lists all sympton out one by one.
1. Can't do dhcp with my wl-500g via wireless(openwrt firmware)
2. Able to dhcp with my wl-500g via wire
3. Keep rebuffering every few second when play but just give less then a half second of noice (not music). I tried any kind of sound clip but all result the same(mp3/flac/internet radio)
4. Mac addres was 00 04 10 xx xx xx when I first time see in on the display. (it should be 00 04 20 for squeezebox)
5. I can't change it to 00 04 20 xx xx xx as the SB3 keep reject me on correct the 10 to 20. (It allow me to input almost any digit except 20. damn it)
6. After I try factory reset by hold "add". It is now give me default mac 00 01 00 00 00 01. What the hell?
7. I had setup another slimserver 6.5 from source on a Solarix x86 at remote datacenter. All result the same. Only rebuffering and bad mac address.
8. I have try slimserver from 5.x.x up to the latest verion 6.5.4, along with firmware update one by one, but just wasting my time.

Is my SB3 DOA?

Poor new SB3 new user.