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T. J. Angstman
2004-01-13, 12:51
I personally like the idea of a video out. Preferably with the ability
to modulate onto a different channel than channel 3 or 4.

T. J. Angstman

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Dear Sean,
What about the possibility of an output that would display
what is playing on a TV if the larger display is expensive.
It really is hard to read Squeezebox from a distance of a
couch at 10-12' away.

Just a thought,


> >
> > Glad to see you back active on the list Sean.. :)
> >
> It's been a wicked couple of months here but now that squeezebox
> production is in full swing, I'll be spending more time here.
> > Will there be any more new product announcements soon?
> We've never announce products until they exist.
> > Hopefully something along the lines of a larger display version?
> Can't comment except: I saw the 512x32 at CES... it looks like
> something you'd see on a wall in an airport. They're also not cheap at
> all.