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2007-08-17, 22:02
I've restarted my ppc mac mini (updated to os 10.4.10) after several months, and updated SS to 6.5.4 (from 6.5.0 I think). Now SS won't start properly at all. I can click on the Start Server button and after about 30 seconds it seems to go off again. Everything else on the computer seems to be working fine. I have tried to completely delete the preference pane, and reinstall slimserver, but no difference. Here is what the log says:

2007-08-18 00:51:09.0681 SlimServer OSDetect init...
2007-08-18 00:51:09.0684 SlimServer OS Specific init...
2007-08-18 00:51:09.0686 SlimServer daemonizing...
2007-08-18 00:51:09.0811 SlimServer settings effective user and group if requested...
2007-08-18 00:51:09.0824 SlimServer settings init...
2007-08-18 00:51:09.1760 SlimServer saving pid file.
2007-08-18 00:51:09.1784 Got to the END.
2007-08-18 00:51:09.3204 SlimServer changing process priority to -6
2007-08-18 00:51:09.3211 SlimServer strings init...
2007-08-18 00:51:10.0432 SlimServer Setup init...
2007-08-18 00:51:10.1779 SlimServer setting language...
2007-08-18 00:51:10.1783 SlimServer MySQL init...
2007-08-18 00:51:10.3479 Firmware init...
2007-08-18 00:51:10.3499 SlimServer Info init...
Database error: Duplicate column name 'contributor' at /Library/PreferencePanes/SlimServer.prefPane/Contents/server/CPAN/DBIx/Migration.pm line 115.
2007-08-18 00:51:10.5351 Got to the END.

BTW is there a problem with the search function on the forums? Every search just returns a blank page for me.



2007-08-17, 23:33
I seem to remember there was a change in how SS cached files that caused this behaviour somewhere around 6.5.2.

Try deleting the cache folder, at ~/Library/Caches/Slimserver.

I don't think you also need to delete the preference file, but try that too if deleting the cache fails.

2007-08-18, 00:18
Thanks .. That did it!

As much as I love my SqueezeBox and SlimServer, I think my parents could never have been able to troubleshoot something like this by themselves.

There really needs to be some sort of self contained, self updating server box, which doesn't need any configuration, and which either contains its own hard drive or can directly be attached to a USB/firewire/eSATA external drive that serves all the SqueezeBoxen/Transporters. (Not as a replacement for the current form of Slimserver, but simply as an option - so geeks such as myself can continue to have all the flexibility we desire).

Yeah yeah I know you can configue your NAS to run slimserver - I had my Buffalo PPC Linkstation running slimserver 6.1 for several months extremely well, but that's really not for my parents. They just want to listen to music .. not play around with computer settings.

Nice remotes that make use of all this Jive work will be icing on the cake. This would put the Squeezebox+Slimserver combo way ahead of the Sonos System IMHO - Sonos still requires a NAS with SMB shares, or a running computer with shares open.

2007-08-18, 04:30
As much as I love my SqueezeBox and SlimServer, I think my parents could never have been able to troubleshoot something like this by themselves.

Yes, that should have been better documented.

but don't forget that no-one is forced to update their software.