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2007-08-17, 21:48
Have you ever been bugged by a buzzword?

Listening to BBC World Report last night, I heard the word "clearly" 78 times (I kept a tally) in just 4 hours.
Most of those instances were used out of context.

ok...moving forward - as opposed to (backward?)

Buzzwords... a pet peeve.


2007-08-17, 22:19
"Absolutely". Said by a colleague of mine in response to every statement she agrees with...fine until you notice it, then you can't hear anything else.

2007-08-18, 03:15
Have you ever been bugged by a buzzword?
Not a buzzword per se, but the thing that bugs me is when people use the present tense to describe things in the past (usually on news programs or documentaries). For example, "1939: Hilter invades Poland" instead of "In 1939, Hilter invaded Poland". I can't remember when it first started, but it seems to have become the default way of recapping past events.