View Full Version : Using RS232 on Transporter to send commands?

2007-08-17, 14:54
I have my TP hooked up to an Arcam Solo, which has an RS232 input to take commands using its own protocol.

So, could I use the RS232 on the TP as an output to send commands to the amp? I have in mind commanding the Solo to switch to the AV input when the TP starts-up and pass through volume up/down to the Amp, not the TP.

2007-10-19, 06:42
Hey there

Sorry nobody answered so far. Yes, you should be able to control your amp from Transporters RS232. I am using it to switch input on my stupid TV since it doesn't allow to directly switch to a particular input using ir commands.


2011-04-23, 01:58
I hate it when people resurrect threads from years ago...;)

Anyway, I have a new RS232 control opportunity! My new amp uses -

Port settings: Baud rate: 19200 Data bits: 8 Parity: None Stop bit: 1 Handshake: None

Then commands like %AAVDN<CR><LF> to step the volume.

I guess I need to hook the volume up/down in Squeezebox Server and send commands to the TP like -

Command "rsps"
Transporter only, adjust RS232 baud rate

Command "rstx"
Transporter only, send RS232 TX

That's as far I can get from the 'documentation'. Can anyone help at all with example code...