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2007-08-16, 06:16
I at at a loss. When I press play the SB3 says "adding to playlist", but what playlist ?
I had the playlist playing just now, and it added the tracks to an existing playlist, but went to check with SlimServer, and on the right side it showed the tracks that were added to the playlist, but I couldnt figure out which playlist it was added to....., went back to SB3 to scoll, and now its lost, I just cant find it.
How does this work again ?

2007-08-16, 06:44
The squeezebox always plays from the default playlist.
When you select an album and press play the default playlist is cleared and all the songs from the album are added to the empty playlist.
If you press add instead of play your selection is appended to the default playlist.
The default playlist can be navigated from the SB using the up-down arrows in the Now Playing menu or can be seen in the web interface.
You can save the current state of the default playlist to a file.
This stores it on disk for later retrieval. Saved playlists show up in Browse - playlists.
If you press play on a playlist entry the playlist is cleared and all the referenced tracks in the saved playlist are added to the default playlist.


2007-08-16, 10:10
Hi Anne,

I also find that the playlist functions are very confusing. There is no easy way to create, add, delete, or edit the entries.
Adding a "Tune to URL entry" to an existing playlist is possible, but the procedure is very awkward.
I am also puzzled to find that adding a new entry to an existing playlist with a text editor sometimes results in a failure to display new the entry. (The added content is identical to that of the same entry in another playlist).
The "Save" button should certainly have a "Save As" option so that the user can choose the Playlist to which new material are being added.

2007-08-16, 10:18
I read a thread about something I needed since I was using Itunes, but this was maybe when using the "Most Popular" or "Last played" or whatever its called.....
Anyway, yes, I can add songs to an existing playlist. "Car 4" extends with the songs I click "Add" to, but, I then "Save" the new playlist in SlimServer, and scans the library, and its not there.....?
Yes, the SB3 is very awkward for this kind of use, you can spend a lot of time finding songs and add them to the playlist, so called "party mode", but its difficult with the remote and that little display. Then its a lot easier with SlimServer, but then , I am not going to use this anymore I think....

2007-08-16, 11:05
If you like to manage your playlists with SB3/SlimServer, you should really look at some third party plugins/applications. Some of them are mentioned below.

Playlist Manager plugin:
Makes it possible to add songs from the currently playing playlist to other playlists. When holding down the Add button in the "Now Playing" menu you will get a menu where you can choose between some different playlists that the track can be added to.

slimfx skin:
A SlimServer skin that supports to change playlists with drag and drop from the web interface.

SQL Playlist plugin (also requires Dynamic Playlist plugin):
Plugin for making smart playlists with SlimServer, for example "Top rated tracks". If you want to make smart playlists I would also recommend that you install the TrackStat plugin which makes sure your statistics isn't cleared at every SlimServer rescan.

MusicMagic plugin:
Included with SlimServer, implements an integration with the MusicIP application and can generate playlists based on acoustic audio analysis of similar songs. Requires MusicIP to also be installed:

iTunes Party Shuffle plugin:
Makes it possible to launch a Party Shuffle playlist from SlimServer. You need iTunes installed for this plugin to work.

Craig, James \(IT\)
2007-08-17, 01:33
> http://www.jamescraig.co.uk/SlimServer/index.html
> Makes it possible to launch a Party Shuffle playlist from SlimServer.
> You need iTunes installed for this plugin to work.

Thanks Erland!
This plugin actually supports playing *any* iTunes playlist in 'real
time' on SlimServer, without having to rescan the iTunes library. (and
any new tracks are dynamically added to the SlimServer library.)

Once I finished it, I never used the SlimServer playlists again!


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2007-09-27, 10:05
If I use iTunes (windows only now) for playlist management, how do I add flacs, not yet supported in iTunes, to playlists? No can do, right?

Eagerly awaiting native flac support in OSX 10.5, thus presumably iTunes and iTunesWindows too.