View Full Version : SB3 drops out after 12-14 hours

2007-08-16, 05:17

Content with my wirelessly connected SB3 and my NAS synology ds107 running slimserver v6.3.1. Bought the system 2 weeks ago.

However, after around 12-14 hours playing the SB3 is unable to perform normally. It has dropouts when playing music which doesn´t recover before i do a power cycle (unplug/replug) the SB3.

The problem is consistent whether i connect to the slimserver on my NAS, on my PC running XP or connect to the squeezenetwork.

I use a static IP for my SB3. I cant find anyone describing the same problem, and Im considering that it might be a faulty SB3 that need service.

Please, if anybody have an idea as to what might be the problem here post a message.
Thank you