View Full Version : Squeezebox and Homevision

2007-08-15, 14:44
I am implementing a home automation system based around the HomeVision controller and wish to utilise my 5 Slim Devices "Squeezeboxes" to interact with the system. My vision is to have a custom menu on the Squeezebox that allows me to send commands, eg light on, or receive status information, eg temperatures. I have enough of a grasp of perl to create the menu system in the SlimServer SW but I am struggling to bridge the gap between SlimServer and the HomeVision system and am looking for some guidance/help.

My initial thought was to use xpl as the Squeezeboxes support the protocol and the xpl environment seems to have an interface to the HV SW. However I can't get xpl working with HomeVisionXL and anyway it seems to just support audio commands.

I am posting this in the HomeVision, xpl and SlimDevices forums in the hope that someone has done this or can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

2008-03-29, 15:15
Did you ever get anywhere with this?