View Full Version : Best way to transfer SS settings to new PC?

2007-08-15, 09:53
I just purchased a new pc and will be installing Slimserver on it. I would like to have to avoid resetting my preferences and re-installing all of the plugins. What is the best,safest, way to do this?

I figured I would be able to copy the slimpref file over but what about the plugins? Can I just copy the plugins directory to the new pc?

Is there anything else I should copy over? SS was running fine on old pc so if I can just copy files & directories after installing SS on new pc, that would be great.

Thanks for your responses & help in advance!

Anoop M.
2007-08-15, 16:44
Slim.pref file is the most important, you should be able to copy the plugin folder and move it to the new machine. After that your SlimServer should look the same.

2007-08-15, 22:55
> Slim.pref file is the most important,

Make this slimserver.pref :-)


2007-08-16, 01:47
Be careful if the new PC has a different version of the OS.

If you are moving from an XP to a Vista system or from one Linux distro to another there are directory differences that may require a small edit on the pref file.