View Full Version : Squeezbox interfe with Synology-NAS goiing idle

2007-08-15, 07:57
Recently i bought a Squeezebox with a Synology DS107+ NAS and the Slimserver software installed on the NAS.

I want the Synology Nas goiing idle after the default 20 minutes. Without Squeezebox on my homenetwork it is goiing well.

When I remote switch off the Squeezebox connected ( wired) on the homenetwork the NAs is not goiing idle. I discover a continuous activitity of the squeezebox on my switch; even with a ( via Slimserver)disabled clock and channels out.

Is this a bug or can I solve this problem by my self?

Thanks for your answer,

2007-08-16, 05:30
There are dozens of threads which discuss this subject. Look for "SSODS", "hibernation", "standby" and similar (preferrably using google + site:...).

The short answer is: it just doesn't standby as long as the SB is connected for most people. It does for some (they say). There are some more or less ugly work-arounds (such as swapping to an USB memory stick or removing certain plugins).

However, this has never been looked at systematically as far as I know. So we don't know the exact reason for this.

And I personally don't care at all whether the HDD goes standby or not. So don't expect me to do the research :-)