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2007-08-15, 07:19
Some questions regarding EAC : I have tried to follow the EAC install beginners guide. I am not sure if i have installed accuraterip correctly.

Find correct read offset of the drive : I inserted ABBA Gold. AccuratRip did find read offset "congratulations" you are ready to rip. Like in the guide i would try 3 cd`s, but the two others cd`s wiould not rceive "gratulations" read offset found from accuratrip. I tried 10 cd`s from the auuraterip database. I completed the guide anyway and ripped, just for trying. Ripped 3 cd`s to flac. Take about 14 to 20 min pr cd. Only two track errors. Old cd`s(not so rip free), many party`s in younger days. Communicating with accuratrip: downoading message came only once.

Today i looked in EAC - database - pussed< prosses batch free queries. Looks like it came three cd`s i tried for read offset yesterday. Pussed three times i think. Marked them and pussed OK. What is this tool ?

More errors today, : synch error, waiting for external compressor. Maybe the external compressor is not installed properly ?
Maybe i shall try EAC options - extract - fill up offset missing samples with silence.

Insert cd - press mp3 button - EAC asks for file path(saving location).
Filetype : External compressor (*.flac)
Looks like EAC is saving the files in .wav files. Right click a file - properties - summary - it is written - bitrate : 1411kbs, audio size : 16bit, channels 2(stereo), speedrate : 44khz, soundformat : PCM. Is this flac or wav files ?

Is there a way to check if accuratrip and flac is working properly ?

Also, when playing theese wav or flac files. With the remote there is not possible to FWD(search 5 - 6 seconds in to the audio file playing ? What could be wrong ?