View Full Version : Strange 2-3 sec screech from Audio Engines with Clark Connect mini-itx PC

2007-08-15, 04:45

I've recently purchased a set of Audio Engine A5's, their attached to my SB2 that runs wirelessly to a Clark Connect based mini-itx pc.

Most times when I power off the squeezebox (with the speakers still active) using the remote after a few seconds I'll get a loud 2/3 second screech/spike sound. Its not everytime I power off. I've tried resetting the chip but no difference. I think I need to do some more tests with my other SB2 plus swap round cables.

Has anybody had this problem before ? I don't think its related to the speakers although the same SB2 functioned fine using an amp/non active speaker setup.

Any ideas appreciated.


2007-08-16, 14:53
I have audio engines and have heard a screech. At first i thought it was the sb3 - but i think the sb3 static problem lasts longer than three seconds - and then the other day my audio engines screeched whilst attached to my rega planet cd player even though the volume was down to zero.

Patrick Dixon
2007-08-17, 01:55
Check you have audio outputs always ON in players settings. It could be that the AEs don't like the audio input disappearing when the SB is switched OFF.

2007-08-17, 02:13

Yes could be that, will check tonight, thanks.

Out of interest is there anybody out there who's running a similar setup with no problems ?

2007-08-17, 04:36
I have Audioengines connected to an SB2.
I get a rather loud plop sound from the Audioengines about ten minutes after switching off the SB2. The sound is only short (<1s) but it makes you jump out of your chair! I got used to turning the AEs off immediately after using the SB.
I haven't used the AEs with anything else but the SB so I don't know if the plop sound is related to the SB or not. Other active speakers connected to an SB always remain silent after switching the SB off.
Btw. I had an old amp that made the same sound when turning it on (power spike?).


2007-08-17, 15:12
Tried changing the 'Turn Audio Off', no luck, also made sure did a full reset before testing. Noise comes about 10-14 minutes into being switched off. Thought it could be something to do with spinning drives down on Mini ITX so changed those settings but still no luck.

Will try swapping things about tomorrow to replicate on another sb2 but I've got a feeling this problem will re-occur. My Acoustic M's work fine on the second sb2.

A shame if can't get these working as they're great speakers !! Thanks for your input so far.