View Full Version : Shorewall and Linux firewall

2007-08-14, 05:26
I seem to have problems with my squeezebox rebuffering when playing mp3's. I have homed the problem to my firewall (shorewall) and i am perplexed as to what would be the problem.

For example with the firewall started, the device buffer is zero but when i switch off the shorewall firewall (3.4.3), it is full.

Here are my rules:

ACCEPT net: $FW tcp 9000
ACCEPT net: $FW tcp 3483
ACCEPT net: $FW udp 3483

I'm using Gentoo 2.6.21 and slimserver v6.5.3.

Any pointers on what could be wrong? Very strange!


2007-08-16, 11:28
Before going further, could you post the relevant logs ?

Check the following URL, for troubleshooting tips with Shorewall: