View Full Version : Finding files (or not) on external hard drive

2007-08-12, 13:27

Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to direct slim server to the music files on my external hard drive. I should add that the external drive is wired directly into my apple extreme router and is visible on my desktop. While I believe I have gotten ss to recognize the drive, I can't get it into the main music file.


And thanks in advance,

2007-08-12, 13:39
Presumably you are using a Mac. I am not sure what you mean by "can't get it into the main music file."

Do you mean a folder on your external drive, or are the files loose on the drive?

And what do you mean by "I believe I have gotten ss to recognise the drive". What have you done, and how have you checked that SS recognises it?

Assuming that you have a music folder on the drive, then if the drive was connected direct to the computer, you would use /Volumes/DriveName/FolderName to point to the folder in the Web interface.

I am not sure if this will work in your situation, where the drive is attached to the router. It may work, but may ned different syntax.

2007-08-12, 15:21
you are correct.

after some trial and error per your suggestion, slimserver was able to read the music folder on the external hard drive.

now, it turns out, i have another issue: when i browse the transporter, only a portion of the songs per album are visible on the display. i think i have seen postings on this problem, but i'm not sure where.

thanks for your help.