View Full Version : qnap 201 squeezenetwork anyway to stop constant update

2007-08-12, 12:34
Is there anyway to stop the constant updating everytime you change from slimserver to squeezenetwork. I far as I've been told it's because slimserver is not the latest version (6.5.1 being the latest for the ts 201) apparently to use pandora it needs the latest so has one of you clever Folk found a work round ? surely I can't be the only one with a 201 that likes flacs & radio!

All the best Gomez......

Mark Lanctot
2007-08-12, 12:59
There is a hack: change "squeezebox2.version" as outlined here:


Don't know how "editable" this is on a Qnap though.

2007-08-12, 13:03
6.5.3 for the TS-101 & TS-201 is due out shortly. Keep an eye on this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=37033

2007-08-14, 11:30
Thanks Chaps.
I take it theres been some problems with 6.5.3 as Ultra238a mentioned that he was uploading it on the 6th aug hope it's nothing serious.